Not Your Typical Fidget

Meet our Kahn Creations's Fidgets - the evolution of stress-relief toys. Craft your perfect calming experience each time. With a swift flick, experience smooth, stimulating spins that captivate your senses, no matter where you are. Experience relaxation on a whole new level.

Kahn Creation Fidget Spinner


A well-balanced Gyroscope Fidget Spinner gives you a nice spin that is quiet

Compact Design

Our Fidgets are small and easy to carry around, providing you with endless fun wherever you are.

Stress Relief

Engage with our Fidgets for instant stress relief. The motion and sensation help to soothe and relax your mind.

Best Sellers


Focus Enhancer

Fidgets can be used as a focus tool, helping individuals with attention disorders like ADD/ADHD or anyone requiring a soothing activity to concentrate better.


Calming Focus Aid

Perfect for ADHD & OCD

Fidgets are an effective focus tool designed specifically with ADHD and OCD individuals in mind. It offers a non-disruptive means to channel energy, helping to improve concentration and relieve stress.


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